Attestation/Execution of Documents

General Guidelines :

Attestation of various documents such as Marriage Certificate, Power of Attorney, Educational Certificate, Commercial documents, copy of Passport, Driving License are attested by the Embassy (Attestation form here).

Documents originating in Bangladesh needs prior attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka before submitting to the Embassy for attestation.

Documents originating in Denmark/Estonia/Iceland have to be attested by the concerned authority (e.g. Foreign Ministry of that country) before submission to this Embassy for attestation.

Personal appearance before the Consular Officer of the Embassy may not be required if the document is attested by the Foreign Ministry of respective host country. Applicants are requested to check with their Foreign Ministry regarding their requirements for having consular attestation.


Marriage Certificate/Unmarried certificate :

Requirement for attestation of Marriage Certificate/Unmarried Certificate :

  • Original passport and Copy of Resident Permit.
  • Marriage Certificate/Unmarried certificate must be submitted to the Embassy with prior attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh.
  • In case of marriage documents is executed in a country other than Bangladesh, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia, the certificate should be submitted with prior attestation by the concerned Bangladesh Embassy in that particular country. If there is no Bangladesh Mission in that particular country, the document should be attested by the concerned Bangladesh Mission which is concurrently accredited with that particular country. For any clarification please write to: 
  • Non-refundable fee of DKK 190.0 per document . 
  • Delivery: 02 working day.   

Verification of Bangladesh Driving License :

Please note that attestation of Driving License is subjected to prior verification by the issuing authority i.e. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). The Embassy will forward the copy of the Driving License to BRTA. Therefore, it may take some time to process the attestation. In case of attestation of the translated copy of the Driving License, the Embassy may attest it without taking the responsibility of its content.       


  • Copy of both sides of Bangladesh Driving License.
  • Copy of Resident Permit.
  • Copy of Bangladesh Passport.
  • Non-refundable Fee: DKK 190.0 (One hundred ninety Danish Krone.      

Educational Certificate  :

All education degrees / documents originating from Bangladesh must be attested first by relevant educational institutions/board of education/university, then by Ministry of Education and finally by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Dhaka before submitting to the Embassy of Bangladesh, Copenhagen for attestation.

Non-refundable fee per document : DKK 190.0      

Police Clearance:

The Embassy does not issue any Police Clearance Certificates. Bangladesh nationals are required to furnish the following documents to the Embassy for attestation: 

  1. Application addressed to the concerned  Commissioner of Police / Superintendent of Police (in accordance with the permanent address of the applicant) / Officer-in-Charge in Bangladesh
  2. Original Bangladesh passport and photocopy of passport.
  3. Copy of Resident Permit.
  4. Non-refundable Fee: DKK 190.0 per document.

Foreign nationals are required to furnish the following documents to the Embassy:       

  1. Application addressed to the Embassy (mentioning the period & address of stay).
  2. Photocopy of relevant pages of passport(s) held during stay in Bangladesh showing name, photograph, date and place of birth, date of issue and expiry, visa(s) and dates of entry and exit.  
  3. Photocopy of relevant pages (bearing name, photograph, date and place of birth, date of issue and expiry) of the existing Passport.
  4. Photocopy of any other photo identity, if held during stay in Bangladesh.
  5. Photocopy of similar documents, mentioned above, or work permit of father or mother or legal guardian if the applicant lived in Bangladesh as a dependent child.       
  6. Non refundable fee 190.0 DKK.   

The Embassy will send the application and other documents of foreign nationals to the concerned authority in Bangladesh for necessary action.

Attestation of Passport :

Requirement for attestation of the photocopy of relevant pages of Bangladesh Passport by the Embassy:

  • Personal appearance with original passport.
  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Non-refundable fee of DKK 190.0 per passport . 
  • Delivery: 02 working day.   

Payment should be transferred on-line to:

Name of the Account: Embassy of Bangladesh
Reg. No: 4001, Account Number (DKK Account): 11649750
IBAN: DK7230000011649750, SWIFT-address: DABADKKK
Bank Address:  Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal 2-12, DK-1092, Copenhagen K., Denmark