Dual Citizenship

Instruction and Requirements for Dual Nationality application

Application seeking Dual Nationality should be submitted in the prescribed Form (three sets).

Following may be noted during submission of the application form:

  1. If the applicant is a person temporarily residing in Bangladesh, the application shall be submitted directly to the Government of Bangladesh (Ministry of Home Affairs);
  2. If the applicant lives in a foreign country, the application should be sent through the Bangladesh Diplomatic Mission/ Consulate to that country; and
  3. Where there is no Bangladesh Mission or Consulate in a country of applicant’s residence, the application may be sent through Bangladesh Mission or Consulate in the country nearest to that country.

 Each application set shall be accompanied by:

  1. Affidavit affirming the truth of the statement made in the application and signed before the Minister/Counselor/First Secretary/Notary public/ or persons of equivalent status of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Copenhagen (please see page 5)
  2. Documentary evidence regarding remittances to Bangladesh for last 3 years.
  3. Copy of foreign citizenship certificate or Naturalization Certificate
  4. Declaration of assets (Movable / Immovable) in Bangladesh (please see page 3).
  5. If required, please use a separate sheet. Statement of Parent's assets should be given if the applicant does not have any asset in his /her name.
  6. Statement of activities for past 5 years (service, education, business etc.) since first departure from Bangladesh (Please see page 4). Please use separate sheet if required.
  7. 4 color recent passport size photographs (print name on the back)
  8. Fee: Money order of certified check of the amount of DKK 600.0 payable to the Embassy of Bangladesh's Account No: 4001-11649750