Visa guideline

General guidelines for visa:

  • Application: Visa applicants are requested to submit:
  • passport,
  • photocopy of passport,
  • duly filled-in application from (,
  • two recent passport-size photographs,
  • non-refundable visa processing fee in DKK (to be paid to Embassy account through on-line transfer), and
  • other relevant documents where necessary (based on visa category) at the Consular Counter in the Embassy in person during consular hours. Applicants residing outside Copenhagen city (Ex: Arhus, Aalborg, Roskilde and Odense) may send the application package by post with postage paid return envelope (in case personal appearance is required, the applicant would be informed over phone / email). Incomplete application may be rejected.

  • Visa fees: Single entry/Re-entry/Multiple entries for Danish citizens only: DKK 600.0 (Six hundred Danish Krone), fees are non-refundable, payment must be made separately for individual applicant.
  • Payment details:

Name of the Account: Embassy of Bangladesh
            Reg. No: 4001, Account Number (DKK Account): 11649750
IBAN: DK7230000011649750, SWIFT-address: DABADKKK
Bank Address: Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal 2-12, DK-1092, Copenhagen K., Denmark

  • In case of any applicant holding foreign passport other than Denmark, Iceland and Estonia, applicants are requested to submit proof of Residence (e.g. a copy of valid Resident Permit or copy of valid Resident Visa page of the Passport).

Information on document requirements for various categories of visa is available here . If you need information on documents required for other types of visas or if you have any questions about documents of the above-mentioned types, please inquire at the Consular Counter or write e mail to:

  • Consular hours for submitting the visa applications are from 10.00 am to 03.00 pm during work days. Appearance for personal interviews in required cases can also be made during the same hours.

  • Passports are delivered between 10.00 pm to 03.00 pm. Five (05) working days are normally required for processing of visa, provided all necessary papers are submitted. However, in certain categories, processing of visa may take longer duration.


  • Applicants intending to receive his/her passports back before the date of delivery and without endorsement of visa are requested to apply in writing on plain paper. No visa processing fee will be refunded

  • All documents in local language have to be translated into English

  • For any query/suggestion, applicants are requested to call +45 39 64 33 03 from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am-03:00 pm or send e-mail to:

  • For citizens other than Denmark, click here  to check the visa fee. For visa fee information not enlisted in the table, please mail to:

Please note that, for certain types of visas (For example, Journalist and NGO category), Embassy may need clearance from the concerned authorities in Bangladesh.